I'm relatively new to woodworking. Of course I did some in high school shop class, but that was 20some years ago. Don't remember how or why but I've really gotten into the hand tool aspect of woodworking. I've aquired a Stanley #3C, type 10, I believe, from my uncle that was my Grandfathers. I've also got some saws, diston and others that were either my Dad's or Grandfather's or both. The rest I've gotten from either that great flea market in the cybersky, Ebay or from garage sales. Just from memory I have a #4c T11, #5 T11, #5 T12, #5C T11, #6C T11, Union #7C, Bedrock #8C T3, #60, Millers Falls # 17, and a #220. Some are total rust buckets probably not salvageable, some are in decent condition, but probably none are in collectable condition. I hope to get most of them tuned to usable condition, and probably sell the rest as parts planes. Well that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. I hope to someday get some of them at least cleaned to a point where I can post a few more photos.